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Nick Begich training



Discover How to Activate Your Potential & Reclaim Your Power in Turbulent Times

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The Power To Change The World Starts With YOU

Dr. Nick Begich Reveals "The Keys" to

Harness Your Life's Power on Purpose

Create Success With Ease

Dr. Nick will shed light on the context of world history, health, politics, science and technological developments that are either holding you back or setting you free. 

With a more complete understanding of the reality we are living in, you will receive the tools to navigate and create solutions for yourself and others.

Experience More Happiness and Fun

In a soft and gentle way, dissolve fears, guilt, and shame about past events so you can move forward and get unstuck from traumas and failures of the past.

Dr. Nick will share his daily ceremonies as well as the keys to taking hold of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to its fullest. 

Enhance Your Relationships 

As you reflect within to learn to love yourself and recognize the wonder you truly are, the forgiveness and understanding will start rippling outward in a positive way.

Dr. Nick will address issues around self worth and healthy communication, relationships, and conflict resolution that can provoke love instead of anger. He'll also talk about how mind control, ESP and telepathy are tools that we can use for good instead of evil.

An Introduction to the Event

Enjoy this broadcast from Dr. Nick for a preview of some of "The Keys" he'll be sharing.

A New Vision for Change:

The Event of a Lifetime

Within the first 15 minutes of this exclusive live broadcast, you will receive one of the first keys to enjoying lifelong success and fulfillment.  

Can life really become that simple? 


Dr. Nick Begich is compiling 10,000s of hours into research and interviews across biology, psychology, brain science, and quantum physics fields to construct "The Keys" to greater wisdom and solutions.

Use these keys to harness the power of your brain and body to change your life.

His unique approach to teaching has been honed through over 4,000 radio broadcast appearances of 1-3 hours each, along with nearly 150 in person lectures.

Never before has he embarked on a mission like this to deliver a body of work to the public in its entirety.

 He will be broaching topics that the political and Big Business elites have worked hard to suppress for decades and even centuries...

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A Moment to Pivot

Fear is not the right thing to be generating as this solves nothing and only serves to amplify what is wrong in the world.

Instead of getting swept into the fear and anger of today's times, Dr. Nick is going to discuss productive solutions that you can use starting now

For many of us, the roots of our demise and our success comes with allowing ourselves to access these moments of pivot which change our lives. I think what you are really getting at is that we can control these elements of "pivot" by letting go of our perceptions of self and becoming who we are, even if it scares us.


Understanding the Outer World to Transform the Inner Life

Dr. Nick has spent his life devoted to discovery across many disciplines. His scholarly research comes together to inform our understanding of the current challenges that face humanity, and how individuals can use their gifts for a better future for everyone. He will pull in references across many industries and fields through the course of the livestream to inform, entertain, and also give you exceptional references to do further research for yourself.

Watch as Dr. Nick knits science, political, and psychological research into real solutions you can use to make your life and the world around you better.

He'll peel away the propaganda veneers "one slice at a time until the bologna is gone." Some of the topics he'll explore with you include:

History & Politics

  • World History

    US History from Govt Insider

    Alaska's History and Importance

    Jeffersonian Philosophy

    Alexander Hamilton

    Native Peoples of N. & S. America

    Artifacts of His Family History

    Mining and Oil Industries

    USPS, Hospitals, and more


    Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness

    Religious Freedom

    Egyptian Prophesies

    The Illuminati

    Klaus Schwab & 4th Industrial Revolution

    Einstein's Opinions

Science & Tech

  • Quantum Computing

    Weather Modification

    Earth Changes

    Privacy and Its Implications

    Data Storage Technologies

    Zero Point Energy

    Alternative Energies

    Esoterics - Tesla

    Quantum Mechanics



    Mind Control

    Building & Construction



    Energy Science - Golden Ratio

    Lost Science

    Solar System

    Exotic and Future Energy

    4th Phase of Water

Health & Religion

  • How Enlightenment Changes the Brain

    Power of Music

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Christian Tradition

    Native American Traditions

    Chinese philosophies and religions

    Psychic Warrior

    Extrasensory Perception (ESP)


    Mind Control

    Buddhist Philosophy

    Wilderness Skills & Survival

    Plants and Healing

    Health Effects of Cell Phones

    Esoteric and the Occult 

    The Dali Lama

Light Sparks of Consciousness and Darkness Has No Place

awaken consciousness personal development training

None of the past broadcasts have yet been able to deliver what Dr. Nick sets out to accomplish in this epic live event.

If you've been struggling to bring your gifts to the world, feeling like you're not "enough"...

If you've been beating yourself up over mistakes in the past with guilt and anger that haunts you and holds you back from giving life your best go....

If you've felt like you don't deserve better than what you're feeling stuck with today...

This broadcast will SET YOU FREE.

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Shift From Victim to Victor

In a soft and gentle way, Dr. Nick will use humor, poetry, talk fast and slow to help you look inward and release the keys to co-creation that lie inside you in a unique and special way.

You will learn how to move from victim to victor.

You will explore how to harness the power of your emotions to create lift instead of drag and get the momentum you need for becoming a co-creator in the universe.

The time is NOW for this complete broadcast to reach YOU in the world as it is, so that together we can take hold of the power of change, the power of choice, and reignite the spark of life.

As the powers of darkness are closing in on human freedoms, Dr. Nick has the keys to reverse them and usher in a new world where there is no space for that darkness.

Ready for Your Better Future?

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Today, he will hand over the keys to unlocking and activating your heart and mind like never before, perhaps even beyond what you imagined possible for your life as it is today.  

It's claimed that "90% of success is just showing up."

In this Masterclass, you will be amazed at how Nick's deep understanding of how people work in the greater realm of our environment can dissolve barriers that are holding you back from living like the person you really are and build bridges where the powers that be are erecting walls.

This Masterclass is all about you and your place in impacting the trajectory of humanity. 

He is talking about practical solutions.

Nick created an uninterrupted, 15 hour livestream to deliver a concise message to YOU.

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improve your life training

It is difficult to deal with the realization that we are a species with amnesia whom has been, and still is being subverted by information suppression and manipulation. Knowing that in itself is a blessing from God, but the questions still linger and the soul yearns for answers. I want you to know that you are helping a cowboy from the plains of the Dakotas dial into something much larger than I could have imagined. Thank you!

- Kasey

Testimonials About Dr. Nick Begich's Trainings

People around the world seek out Nick's expertise and wisdom on a wide variety of subjects. Here's just a few things people are saying about his work.

This is a message to inform you, that EVERY time I watch you simply sitting there on the screen just talking, you EXUDE love from your demeanour and words.

Finding you has changed my life, at the most perfect time and heading in the that perfect direction that I've been searching for


You articulate your words perfectly and are easily understood by the layman. I always think you are talking to me directly on a 1 to 1 basis, whenever I watch your shows, and can feel the love exiting my phone screen.


I wanted to share with you that you have brought the light of God back into my life when I was lost. You have changed my outlook on life in such a positive way its hard to put into words.


Receive the Keys to

Unlock Your Power !

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